Malik Nasar Iqbal

Malik Nasar Iqbal Founder of Pakistan Lions International Cricket Academy About Malik Nasar Iqbal: Malik Nasar Iqbal, a visionary leader in the cricketing community, is the proud founder and director of the Pakistan Lions International Cricket Academy. With an unwavering passion for the sport, Malik Nasar has dedicated his career to the development of young and talented cricketers, leaving an indelible mark on the cricketing landscape of Pakistan. Professional Journey: In 2016, Malik Nasar Iqbal established the Pakistan Lions International Cricket Academy with the vision of creating a nurturing environment for budding cricketers. Under his guidance, the academy has become a powerhouse of talent development, producing notable cricketers such as Muhammad Irfan, Naseem Shah, Ziaulhaq, and Ihsanullah. Malik Nasar's commitment to the academy goes beyond providing cricket coaching; he ensures that 20 to 30 talented youngsters annually receive the opportunity to play domestic cricket. Remarkably, he provides free accommodation and meals, aiming to eliminate financial barriers hindering the progress of these promising players. Hau Sports: Apart from his contributions to the academy, Malik Nasar Iqbal is the proud owner of the sports brand "Hau Sports." This venture reflects his dedication to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Under his leadership, Hau Sports has become synonymous with quality sports gear, embodying Malik Nasar's passion for excellence. Achievements: Pioneering figure in the establishment of the Pakistan Lions International Cricket Academy. Mentor to a generation of cricketers who have gone on to represent Pakistan at the national and international levels. Successful entrepreneur, owning and managing the renowned sports brand, Hau Sports. Vision: Malik Nasar Iqbal envisions a cricketing landscape where every talented individual, regardless of financial constraints, has the opportunity to pursue their passion. Through the Pakistan Lions International Cricket Academy, he strives to continue shaping the future of cricket in Pakistan and beyond. Connect with Malik Nasar Iqbal: [Facbook Profile] Malik Nasar Iqbal

Aamir Malik

Aamir Malik ex test cricketer world recordholdere excellent batsman, fast bowler & wicket-keeper playing for Pakistan 1987/94 now director of cricket operation of Paklions International Cricket Academy


Muhammad Mamoon Mushtaq

**Mamoon Mushtaq** **Professional Journey:** Mamoon Mushtaq, a distinguished cricket coach, has been serving as a pro coach since 2018 and has held the esteemed position of Head Coach at PakLions International Cricket Academy since September 2020. His coaching expertise extends to working with international players, including Babar Azam, Abid Ali, Saud Shakeel, Kamran Akmal, Umer Akmal, and Adnan Akmal, serving as a batting and fielding consultant. **Achievements:** Under Mamoon Mushtaq's guidance, Dar e Arqam School reached the semifinals of the CPCA one-day school league in 2021, showcasing his prowess as a coach. **Certifications:** Mamoon Mushtaq is a PCB Level 2 accredited coach, attaining this prestigious certification in 2021. Additionally, he has a certification in sports analytics, exploring Bio-Mechanic Aspects in cricket from Lums in 2020. **Coaching Philosophy:** Mamoon Mushtaq brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to PakLions International Cricket Academy, fostering a coaching philosophy that emphasizes skill development, strategic thinking, and a holistic approach to player growth. Mamoon Mushtaq's leadership and coaching acumen make him an invaluable asset to PakLions, contributing to the academy's mission of developing and nurturing cricketing talent. *Connect with Mamoon Mushtaq:* - [Facbook Profile: Malik Mamoon Mushtaq] - [Mobil Number : +92 313 6612573]

Moavia Ahmad

Movia Ahmad, a highly experienced cricket coach, has joined Pakistan Lions International Cricket Academy in 2023. With eight years of coaching at Mux Cricket Academy and Lions Cricket Academy, Ahmad specializes in physical fitness training and cardiovascular conditioning for cricketers. His extensive background includes collaboration with PCB and ECB coaches, enriching his coaching techniques with international standards. Beyond cricket, Ahmad brings three years of coaching experience in basketball and football at Danish School, DGK, showcasing his versatility. His commitment to a holistic approach to coaching aligns with the academy's vision, making him a valuable addition to nurture emerging cricket talent.

Nisar Ahmad

Nisar Ahmad, an accomplished cricketer and dedicated coach, made his mark in first-class cricket between 2015 and 2017, showcasing his talent in four matches. His journey began with the Abbottabad region, representing the team in the U16 and U19 categories. In 2022, Nisar ventured into coaching, starting with U19 District Tank. Currently, he plays a pivotal role at PakLions, contributing his valuable experience to nurture emerging cricket talents. With a rich history in both playing and coaching, Nisar Ahmad brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the PakLions community.

Faiz Ullah

**Faiz Ullah** **Playing Career:** Faiz Ullah, a seasoned cricketer, has an illustrious playing career that spans over a decade. He began his journey in 2008, representing U19 Quetta Region, showcasing early promise and skill. In 2009, he made impactful appearances in the T20 Faisal Bank and the RBS ODI tournaments, demonstrating his prowess on the field. Faiz Ullah continued to ascend in the cricketing world, featuring in the 2011 Gead2 and captaining Balochistan in the 2014 T20 season. In 2015, he assumed leadership in Gead2 for Dera Murad Jamali, leaving an indelible mark on the cricketing landscape. **Coaching Expertise:** Faiz Ullah's commitment to cricket extends beyond his playing career. With a decade of local cricket academy experience from 2012 to 2022, he honed his coaching skills, contributing significantly to the development of budding talents. Faiz Ullah achieved PCB Level One coaching certification in 2021, solidifying his coaching credentials. **Coaching at PakLions International Cricket Academy:** Since 2022, Faiz Ullah has been an instrumental part of PakLions International Cricket Academy in Lahore, bringing his wealth of playing and coaching experience to nurture the next generation of cricketers. His coaching philosophy revolves around fostering a holistic approach to player development, ensuring that aspiring talents receive the guidance needed to excel both on and off the field. Faiz Ullah's unique blend of playing experience and coaching expertise makes him an invaluable asset to PakLions, contributing to the academy's mission of shaping future cricketing stars. *Connect with Faiz Ullah:* - [Facbook Profile: [ FaizUllah Nasar ] - [Mobil Number : [+92 334 2492557]

Asif Ghafoor

**Asif Ghafoor** **Playing Legacy:** Asif Ghafoor's cricket journey commenced in 1998 when he joined P&T Gymkhana Cricket Club. His early talent shone through, leading to his representation in the U16 Lahore Region in 2003 and subsequently in the U19 category from 2005 to 2007. Asif's exceptional skills were acknowledged when he was shortlisted among the top 60 boys for Pakistan U19 in 2006. **Professional Stint:** In 2009, Asif played the Grade 2 Patron's Trophy, representing the Pakistan Air Force Department. His cricketing endeavors extended internationally, with appearances in Sri Lanka's U23 SRCC Club in 2010 and the Quaid Azam Trophy for Lahore Shalimar in the same year. Asif continued to make his mark, participating in Bangladesh's Leg Biman Club in 2012. **Coaching Tenure:** Asif Ghafoor, with an extensive playing background, transitioned seamlessly into coaching. For the past four years, he has been an invaluable part of the PakLions coaching team, contributing his wealth of experience to shape and nurture emerging cricket talents. Asif Ghafoor's rich cricketing legacy and coaching acumen make him an integral asset to PakLions, embodying the spirit of excellence in both playing and coaching realms.


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